Michiel Is, besides a connoisseur on whisky also an inspiring and eloquent speaker who, without any problem, is capable of inspiring us the whole evening with sometimes hilarious anecdotes. He drew from his long experience as a connoisseur, taster, collector and worldwide traveller and took us on a journey along distilleries, whisky fairs and whiksyfreaks.

We were able to taste some of the extraordinary whiskies from Michael’s personal collection and had the unique experience to enjoy some whisky’s that mostly are just out of reach for “normal” people.

But after an evening with Michiel there might be a chance that one stretches his whisky budget upwards.

In short: a very a cosy, sociable and educational evening. !!


On behalf of Beteor Adviesorganisatie

Diem Wolff


Most business network gatherings take place in brightly lit conference halls and restaurants used for corporate events. We were keen to do something different. In the dark days before Christmas we have been organising Whisky Nosing & Tastings for years, under the guidance of the renowned Whisky connoisseur Michiel Wigman. With a select company we came together in the middle ages atmosphere of the vaults of the ‘Witte Os’ in Zeist. To taste a number of top whiskies of course, but above all to talk to each other. 

In the candle-lit vaults Michiel succeeded every time in stimulating us with his unforgettable stories, subtle sense of humour and tasteful anecdotes. As a host he ensures that the guests don’t just enjoy the finer things in life, but also that we have time and space to talk together without interruption, and to exchange ideas.
Our Whisky Nosing and Tastings grew to become an annually recurring highlight. A gathering that people sometimes walked into as strangers, but always headed home from as friends in the taxis that were at the ready for them. Thank you Michiel for many enjoyable and unforgettable hours! 

J. v.d. V
On behalf of one of the Netherlands’ major banks

I first made Michiel’s acquaintance in 2005. At the time I had caught the whisky bug and decided to attend the Lindores whisky festival in Oostende. There stood the Dutch Connection (Michiel and Bert Vuik) with a table full of tasty treats. Over the following years I met Michiel regularly at whisky festivals, and I always rounded off the festival at Michiel’s table. The chance to become acquainted with famous and notorious whiskies appeared to have an irresistible attraction for me. Michiel’s conviviality and excellent explanations contributed to this as well, of course ;-).  I was invariably greeted with the question: “Steven, have you tasted this one yet?”. And Michiel succeeded in surprising me every time with old, or maybe not so old, gems.

From these enjoyable meetings the idea grew of inviting Michiel to do a tasting for our whisky club The Finest Notes. Michiel agreed to do it, and the rest is history…
Michiel’s visit became an annual tradition which our members looked forward to with great anticipation. We tasted fantastic whiskies, and the drams were accompanied by expert information and enjoyable anecdotes from the whisky world.In more recent years Michiel also managed to surprise us with new bottles, the ‘Future classics’ as he calls them. Michiel always manages to find them!
Michiel is a guarantee of a tasty and enjoyable whisky activity!

Steven Du Chateau
President of whisky club The Finest Notes, Belgium