What inspires us

Dutch Whisky Connection has been in existence as a club of hobbyists for around 20 years now. A number of people came together to collect and exchange bottles and drams. Above all Ardbeg, Longmorn, Springbank, and Laphroaig, but ultimately those bottles that brought a great taste.

A lot of tasting and sharing of knowledge, both at home and abroad. This way we built up a network of knowledge and taste. We learned that drinking whiskies was and is influenced by many factors. Emotion is the main factor. But also what you have eaten and drunk, the time of day, your condition, etc. It became more than a hobby that had got out of hand; it became a passion!

A passion that had to be shared with our peers. This led to a journey throughout the whole of Europe which has lasted for almost 20 years. Bringing together passion and hobby, taste and knowledge everywhere.

I have to say that we were lucky. Lucky due to the fact that in terms of price we have been able to taste a great many types of whisky. Drams which are no longer to be found these days, or are only accessible to a select few. That wide-ranging base of experience has given rise to a very intense and extensive frame of reference.

There are so many different whisky flavours that there is something that virtually everyone will like the taste of. And that is what it is all about. Tasty or not so tasty. The rest of the stories are of secondary importance. I have become convinced that you can never say that the products from one distillery taste really great and those from another distillery do not. The most you can say is that you like the taste of the whisky from one barrel, but not the other one.  And that is also true for many other drinks. That is why I have discovered that older grappa, older brandy, armagnac and other rarities can also be very much worth the effort.

The same rule applies to everything on this website: They are only here if I like the taste of them. My taste, built up over more than 25 years with people who have continually inspired and taught me. That way Dutch Whisky Connection distinguishes itself from other shops. You will find hardly anything here which can (still) be bought in the regular trade. What you will find is:
Whisky and a number of other drinks which fall within my taste pattern, and which I can passionately recommend.

• Old and Rare
• Future classics
• My own bottlings
• And a single brand that I have the privilege of representing

In addition I offer a number of services on this website which flow from my passion and knowledge of the whisky world. I hope that we will continue meeting each other at festivals or masterclasses throughout the world, because in my opinion enjoying and drinking these wonderful drinks is the best way to bring people together.