Wigman Whisky Bottlings

Dear friends,

In 2021 I will bottle 6 casks again.

My good friend Hans Dillesse will design the labels.

The six bottles will be a series and recognisable as being part of that series mentioning “selected by Michiel Wigman”. The name of this second series will be “they inspired II”. For some special people that I consider to be my friends in the whisky world I have created a special offer.

The first 90 people that sign up on this offer will:

  • Have the right to buy at least one bottle from each of the six casks,
  • Have the obligation to buy at least the same amount of bottles from each of these six casks,
  • Have only the right and not the obligation to buy if the price for a bottle will exceed 

€ 250,-,

  • Be entitled to a discount of 5% per bottle,
  • Receive a sample of 2 cl of each cask.

If you are interested, send an email at:


Please mention the number of bottles you would be interested in. I will allow a maximum of 2 bottles per cask per person. Please note that you order is for one bottle each for the whole series!

(If the pre-ordered bottles exceed the amount of available bottles I do have the right to maximize the bottles per person. This will of course be communicated in advance).

You will receive an invoice once a cask has been bottled. Bottles will be shipped within two to three weeks after payment has been received.

We will keep you updated regularly through e-mail.